Samsung Galaxy S history: Android’s superstar through the years

The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S did more than introduce a slick new smartphone to the market. Its sleek design, excellent performance and all-round brilliance saw Samsung cement its place among the higher echelons of manufacturer royalty, offering Android users everywhere a high-end device that could compete with the huge success of Apple’s iOS alternative.

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18334

Hello Windows Insiders, today we are releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18334 (19H1) to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring.
REMINDER: As is normal with builds early in the development cycle, builds may contain bugs that might be painful for some. If this makes you uncomfortable, you may want to consider switching to the Slow ring. Slow ring builds will continue to be higher quality.

Childish Gambino dances into Playground on Pixel

Playground gives you the power to create and play through your Pixel camera using augmented reality. You can bring your photos and videos to life by adding interactive characters called Playmoji to what’s around you, and now there’s a new Playmoji inspired by recording artist Childish Gambino.

Tech for good: Meet the winners of the first-ever Vodafone Techstarter awards

Social tech is about making that happen – focusing on how technology can be used and developed to make a positive social impact. And right now, the UK’s social tech sector is full to the brim with ambitious start-ups wanting to do good.
That’s why we at Vodafone – together with the Vodafone Foundation and the Social Tech Trust – launched Vodafone Techstarter.
Bringing the most promising ideas into reality

Keep your devices and data safe using these simple security best practices

Ransomware, botnets and phishing scams were at an all-time high in 2018 and attackers are taking every opportunity to steal data for their own gain.

Endurance runner Susie Chan puts the Xperia Ear Duo through its paces

Whether you’ve made a vow to make 2019 your fittest year yet, or you’re pushing to beat your personal best, making the time to go for a run can be tricky, particularly when life gets busy.

What matters most to you: new moto g7

Welcome to the fastest performing, smartest, most immersive moto g family experience ever.
Since moto g redefined the smartphone market in 2013, more and more consumers are interested in premium phones at affordable prices. Generation after generation, we remain focused on our main consumer commitment: offering phones that have the premium features you deserve, without sacrificing the quality, affordability and dependability you expect.

Palm Phone: 6 ways to get the most from the miniscule marvel

Designed with a 3.3 inch display, and with less focus on the apps that absorb all our attention, the tiny Palm Phone is somewhat of an intersection between smartphone and wearable – with the power of the former, and mobility of the latter.


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