Here is a video that highlights the HDR feature of Galaxy S5

Trieste is a city in northeastern Italy. From Piazza Unità d'Italia to Trieste Cathedral, the city is filled with beautiful sights and monuments; which makes it a remarkable must-see place. If you haven’t been there or heard of Trieste yet, here is what we are talking about.


Fitbit arrives for Windows Phone 8.1!

Fitbit is launching their native app for Windows Phone 8.1 today that brings direct mobile syncing (via Bluetooth 4.0). Devices running Windows Phone 8.1 will now have instant access to up-to-date stats from Fitbit’s wireless activity trackers like the Flex, One and Zip. Fitbit’s wireless activity trackers track health and fitness metrics like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes, floors climbed and sleep quality.

With Windows Phone Beta, BBM Continues Cross-Platform Strategy

I was in Jakarta recently, and when I was driving on the freeway from the airport, I saw several billboards advertising handsets from tier two and three manufacturers. Each billboard advertised that the featured device was “BBM ready.” In the Indonesian market, being BBM ready is a must-have.