Level up your mobile gaming in 2019 with these upcoming Android titles

Alto’s Odyssey, PUBG Mobile and Rooster Teeth’s RWBY: Amity Arena – just a few of the exceptional titles we battled our way through on our Xperia smartphones last year.
Whether you’re a fan of shooters or racing games, MOBAs or RPGs, 2019 is ramping up to be a big year for Android gaming.

Van Arsdel Sample App Released!

We’re excited to announce the public release of our feature showcase sample app, Van Arsdel!
The Van Arsdel, Ltd. end-to-end UWP sample app makes extensive use of the improved density and new controls in the Windows UI Library as well as powerful underlying features of the UX framework and composition.
This complete sample demonstrates the features in the 1809 SDK and is built on top of WinUI 2.0, giving you a full immersive example of how to build a rich, productive experience (in this case, selling lamps).

Company Update

This morning, the following email was sent to all Tesla employees:

Get Started With… Running an online shop from your phone

Ever had a game-changing idea for a business, but no clue how to get it off the ground? Forget bricks and mortar, in 2019 it’s totally possible to run a completely online store from your smartphone.
Ready to bring that unique product of yours out of your dreams and into reality? Looking to carve out a new career for yourself? Here are the apps you need in your arsenal…
The big question: which business model?

ICYMI: The Simple Solution to the Technology Trust Crisis

In case you missed it, earlier this week John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry, posted… / Read More

Choose your own layout with updated Microsoft News app

Users of the newly redesigned Microsoft News app for iOS and Android have given the release high marks in their feedback, plus some interesting feature suggestions. One of the top requests has been for the ability to choose a more compact layout of the news feed.
In response, the Microsoft News team announced Thursday the new Layout Choices feature for your news feed on your phone.

Using Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) from .NET

About BITS and downloading and uploading files
Programs nowadays often need to download files and data from the internet – maybe they need new content, new configurations, or the latest updates. The Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) is an easy way for programs to ask Windows to download files from or upload files to a remote HTTP or SMB file server. BITS will handle problems like network outages, expensive networks (when your user is on a cell plan and is roaming), and more.

Your Xperia your way: How to personalise your XZ3 with these simple steps

When it comes to customisation, Sony’s Xperia XZ3 is already a king among smartphones, coming in four striking shades – Black, White Silver, Bordeaux Red and Forest Green – so you can choose the handset that best matches your personality.
But to further tailor your XZ3 experience, below you’ll find plenty of ways to make sure your phone stands out from the crowd.
Home Screen

Sailfish OS Sipoonkorpi is now available

The release of Sailfish 3 has been a gratifying milestone for Jolla. Each new update completes the circle of the Sailfish 3 era, step by step, delivering new features and adding value to Sailfish OS.

Get more shut-eye in 2019 with help from Google

After a long day, it should be easy to hit the hay at night. But far too often, just as you’re about to drift off, you decide to check why your phone just buzzed...and you’re back to square one.According to the National Sleep Foundation, most adults should aim to get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night.


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